Cleaning Your Phaiser Headphones The Right Way

Just like the other things that we use, headphones need to be subjected to proper cleaning procedures. This is to keep them in tip top shape, avoid possible damages and to maintain their good performance and also, to promote your hygiene. The problem with doing this is that there are some of us that are clueless as to how they can clean their headphones the proper way. There are those that tend to experiment, and sometimes they are successful, but sometimes they end up destroying their accessory. It is then imperative for a headphone to learn the proper ways to clean theirs. So far, there are known techniques that have been proven to work out just fine. If you follow the steps, you’ll be able to keep your listening device free from dust and even indications of rust. Here are some of the cleaning techniques that will help you out with this challenging chore. Whether you own a phaiser bhs-530 bluetooth headphones or a simple one, these ways and steps will not fail you.
  1. Clean headphones with the use of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a traditional cleaning material for accessories such as headphones. However, you need to be very careful when using this because it might be the cause for the damage to your accessories. Here are some steps you can follow with this.
  1. Carefully remove the headphone tips and clean them

This applies only if your headphones come with removable tips. In starting the cleaning process, carefully delete this advice and clean them by using the soft cloth with Hydrogen Peroxide. Set them aside and wait for them to dry.
  1. Put hydrogen peroxide to the ear buds

Next in the process is to clean the earbuds. Try to remove debris that you can see in these important parts of your headphone. Try to feel the buds with your fingers and see if you have removed all dirt from it. This is of course done with careful application of hydrogen peroxide. Be gentle in doing this. Once the cleaning agent is applied, set your ear buds aside for five minutes. This will make it easier for you to remove unwanted materials such as ear wax and the like. clean  
  1. Clean the earbuds with toothbrush

After letting the hydrogen peroxide do the trick of softening debris, it is time to remove them from the earbuds. Make use of a toothbrush to accomplish this. Again, try to be very gentle when you are doing this.
  1. Dry everything and assemble the ear buds

Finally, let the tips and buds dry and assemble them to be back in their original form. After this, try to expose the headphone to little air to ensure its dryness. Wait for a couple of minutes before using them again.
  1. Cleaning with the use of soapy water

This can be done with the utilization of a detergent powder and a cloth. The procedures are the same as the method mentioned above. You remove the headphone tips if possible and clean the earbuds with a cloth soaked in water mixed with detergent. Rinse the headphone parts and assemble them. Just make sure that you are very careful in doing this because the parts of the headphones are delicate and sensitive. One wrong move can get you lose your listening device. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn the proper ways to clean such thing. It is not enough that you only try to apply cleaning agents and rinse the thing. It does not work that way.

The importance of cleaning your headphones

headphones on a clean surface
  1. It prevents you from getting or hearing muffled sounds. Sooner or later, if you fail to clean your headphones on a regular basis, you will notice that you can head muffled sounds coming from it. This will bother you because it will destroy the quality of sound being produced by your headphone. This might result in uncomfortable listening sessions. If you want to avoid this, make sure that you clean your headphones from time to time. Remember, they are exposed to your ears that produce ear wax which might accumulate and create debris.
  2. It can make your headphones last longer. Cleaning your headphone also makes it able to continue for a longer period. That is, if you are doing the cleaning process the proper way, remember, you need to make sure that doesn’t damage any part of the device during the cleaning process because if you do, you won’t be able to use the headphone again. Just be gentle with your touch. If you clean it properly, your headphone will be yours for years. You’ll be saved from the need to buy a new one to replace what you have before.
  3. It promotes your hygiene as well. Your ears, over time, produce ear wax which might become smelly and that is just gross. Wearing your headphone on a regular basis can make it be exposed to such dirty material. When that happens, the wax might begin to accumulate to the headphone. If you don’t clean it and continue to wear it, there will come a time when people will notice this, and it will make you look bad. Surely you would not want that to happen, right? Be sure to promote cleanliness of your body and your accessories, including your headphones.
Clean your Earbuds How your headphones appear and viewed by other people might also reveal some of your characters. Therefore, you must treat such device as an extension of your personality. But more importantly, you need to ensure its cleanliness not just to make you look better, but to make the headphones last for an extended period. That way, you won’t need to save up money to buy another one. You also need to do this to ensure that you continue to get good quality sound from it. After all, you don’t want to hear distorted or muffled sounds coming out from your headphones, right? It’s not suitable for activities such as listening to music and much more.

Acer Helios 300 17 Inch Review – Is it a great gaming laptop?

Acer Helios 300
Acer Helios 300 17 Inch best gaming laptop has gained a lot of attention in the market lately. Some are impressed by its configuration while others are still weighing its pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of this laptop is that it has a large and bright display of 1080p which is perfect for gamers. Moreover, a powerful GTX 1060 GPU is ideal for any game or even VR experience. The design and aesthetics are also user-friendly, so you would love to use it. The laptop has had some great geek bench and come bench results, and could be a gamers delight. Even games like GTA V can be played at frame rates above 80 fps while a little older games can give frame rates as high as 180 fps. Here, you will get a comprehensive review of the Acer Helios 300 17-inch laptop. Let us do a step by step analysis of its features so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is the ideal gaming laptop for you! Helios 300 (17-inch) Review


With the gadgets shrinking in size with each passing day, laptops have given way to gaming laptops that can do it all – just like the Acer Helios 300 17 inch. The laptop delivers amazing performance along with the best battery life that you can get in a portable laptop. Here are some of the things that you would like about the Acer Helios 300.

1. Design and aesthetics:

Adore the metal chassis, the dark and sleek color is sure to wow all. The laptop has a predator logo with a black and a red stripe on each side that gives it a gorgeous look like a gaming laptop. The keyboard of this laptop has a red backlight and red colored WASD keys that offers its aesthetics an edge over other laptops. The deck is made of stable black metal. Overall the design and aesthetics are perfect for a gaming laptop. Design and aesthetics

2. Display and Screen:

You get good contrasts and a good black on max brightness. The Acer Helios 300 Gaming laptop has a 17.3-inch display screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. This laptop is ideal for all those gamers who are looking for a massive screen to play on. It has an IPS display, and the screen has a fantastic matte finish that is widely appreciated by users even in gaming laptops. The screen also helps to cut down on the reflection and glare so that it doesn’t get too bright for your eyes. Display and Screen

3. Touchpad and Keyboard:

The backlit keyboard with the bright red color is going to make your gaming experience better. You could say that Acer got inspired from MSI here but as long as you get the right performance, you shouldn’t have a lot to complain about. The touchpad and the keyboard is something that makes this laptop stand out. The WASD keys are red which gives it a nice edge. A number pad is also inserted which is quite cool and handy. The touchpad is 4 X 3- inch and is responsive to different gestures like three fingers up shows all the opened programs, four finger tap shows the Action Center. In sum, Aser has done an excellent job with its keyboard and touchpad. Touchpad and Keyboard

4. Graphics:

The GTX 10 series means that you can plan the latest high definition games without any worries about frame rates. The Acer Helios 300 is capable of delivering a decent, smooth and fast gameplay. The VR experience of this gaming laptop is another one of its plus points. It has an impeccable VR experience, and if you wish to upgrade this laptop in the future, you can do that too. It comes with a dedicated memory of 6GB that boots up quick. Overall, the speed of this gaming laptop is exceptional. In a gaming laptop, one of the most important things is the graphics and this laptop does not disappoint you. Graphics  

5. Processor:

This laptop has a 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU and a 16GB RAM which gives good speed. It is also loaded with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU. The VRAM is of 6GB and a 512GB M.2 SATA SSD. You can buy different specifications depending on your budget. For the price of $1,349, you can get these specifications without a 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD. If you pay, $1279, you can get more storage that would include 1TB HDD and 128GB SDD. Worried about how the cooling processors can handle the extra power? The laptop sports the new Aeroblade 3D technology, offering superior aerodynamics and air flow, just the way you need to keep your machine cool, even after playing hours. Processor

6. Battery Backup:

When we consider the battery life of this gaming laptop, it lasts quite a bit after charging. It has a decent battery life, better than most gaming laptops in its class. However, like all gaming laptops, it gets quite toasty when gaming. Warranty & Support Team: The Acer Helios 300 17-inch laptop comes with a two-year warranty. There is an option to extend it too. The support team is quite helpful to extend a hand when you need some information or have certain queries.

Bottom line – Should You Go For It?

If you think the 17 inch is a tad too big for you, there is also the standard 15.6 model. It’s not really portable though so if you are going to experience gaming from your home, it does make sense to go for a higher screen size. Concluding this review, we can surely say that the Acer Helios 300 17-inch laptop has a lot of things going for it if we consider it as a gaming laptop. This gaming laptop is packed with a lot of features, and the big screen just adds a lot of value to this gaming laptop. However, you can find similar worthy laptops attached to a lesser price tag. References:

Fashion Can Be Affordable With The Help Of Coupons

instant pay
As you must know, all fashion-related products and accessories are expensive, due to a simple reason. All of them must be well-made and all of them are based on the latest trends. Till now, there were no many ways to get a discount here. Fashion good is on sale only when new items are released, therefore there is no point in purchasing them at that moment. But, now there is an alternative.

Saving up to 25% on fashion

Yes, the answer to our prayers is coupons! They are more and more useful at the moment and almost every single shop uses them. Now we have the ability to collect coupons and use them in order to acquire the 25% discount. Jabong coupons are those which you need, due to the fact they offer the discount in question. The sale affects all fashion goods for men. Clothes, bags, accessories and etc. can be yours cheaper than ever, but only if you are wise. The secret is in maximizing the discount. To understand, let’s make a theoretical experiment. If you purchase just one item, you will get a discount on the total cost, obviously. But, if you purchase several items, the total value will be higher, therefore, the total saving will be higher. Jabong Coupons

Qualify for discount

In order to get the discount we have just mentioned, make sure to purchase the total value of the items above Rs. 1300. It is a common thing most sellers use, to ensure the coupons are effectively used for large purchases. That’s why we mentioned purchasing several items at the same moment. With the clever tip, you just got here, affording the fashion items won’t be an issue. Just imagine the effect your new bag will have on your friends.

Fashion deals cannot be generalized

Although we mentioned that the discount is 25%, it isn’t generic. In simple words, some items can be yours with a much better discount. In this situation, some brands caught our eye. Reebok and Nike are at a discount of 70% at the moment. This rare sale must be used. All items are still appealing and in fashion. There is no need in telling you that all of these products are extremely durable and well-made. Despite the fact we mention just 2 brands, others are applicable for a discount as well. You can get Puma and Adidas as well. And yes, this special discount applies to men and women footwear!

Saving even more with online payments

Online payments are a huge hit at the moment and they will be the main source of payments in the close future. As such, all sellers are trying to attract the buyers, while banks are trying to attract users. For you, this means that additional discount of 25% is possible. To get it as soon as possible, all you have to do is to use Visa Card to pay for the online order. Remember that there is a difference between Visa and Master cards!

Mp3 Headphones Review

Mp3 Headphones Review
Mp3 Headphones Review The headphone market is filled with various types of headphones meant for use with different types of sound equipment. Today one of the most popular kinds of headphones is those having built in mp3 capabilities. This is a choice that is becoming increasingly popular as the days go by. Today the general public has chosen the favored audio format to be mp3 and not CDs. This is why the popularity for headphones that can play mp3 files directly has grown, and this demand is expected to see more of a rise in the years to come. The reason for the increase in the popularity of mp3 headphones is not only because it plays mp3, but also because it does not have to be connected to an iPod, portable CD player or mp3 player. This gives an added convenience to the mp3 headphones. inexpensive MP3 player headset As mp3 headphones have no need of any connecting cord or tangle or snap, it poses as an added advantage in your choice of headphones. The other types of headphones have to be connected to an audio device, and this usually leads to snagging, ripping or crinkling. This is absent in the case of mp3 headphones as the headphones, and the music outlet is both found in a single device. This, in turn, leads to better enjoyment of music for the music lover. There are presently many kinds of headphones having built in mp3 capabilities which are produced by different brands. In fact, some of the best names in audio entertainment in the world today manufacture fantastic mp3 headphones. One of the better choices in mp3 headphones is the Logitech wireless headphones. Sony MDRJ20 model These headphones have Bluetooth technology in it that provides crystal clear audio without any interference. It offers a thirty-foot listening range and has an adapter that can easily be snagged into your mp3 player. It has rechargeable batteries that last for eight hours, and it is possible for you to change tracks and adjust your volume without having to touch your mp3 player. The Sony mp3 headphone range to is exciting; with the Sony MDRJ20 model being an interesting choice. These headphones work on any mp3 player and offer a frequency range of about 20,000 Hz. It comes accompanied with a gold place plug and cord that is 1.2 meters long and is lightweight. It provides quality sound and is priced right. You have another choice in mp3 headphones in the Sennheiser PX200 which is a pair of headphones that offers superior sound quality. Its sound effects are like a small stereo speaker system with ear cups that can be turned 90 degrees. It has a 1.4m Kevlar-reinforced OFC copper cable that is one of the best cables available today. So as you can see, there is a large variety of mp3 headphones for you to choose from. Your choice depends on your needs, budget, and style.