Jewelry Designers, How Important Are Jewelry Trends to Your Jewelry Business?

by Soulra Corp Team
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Selling your jewelry designs can be a challenge with trends in fashion and jewelry constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up with customer demand!
I know most jewelry designers make an effort to stay abreast of fashion and jewelry trends and to may alter their jewelry designs to meet the requirements of the latest trends. It is important to keep track of trends and styles in the world of fashion, BUT it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to jump on board every trend and fad that comes along. This can undermine the integrity of your jewelry business.
I have a friend who is quite successful selling her handmade jewelry. She follows trends closely, but she uses the trends to determine what NOT to sell. If color is a hot item for the season, she designs her jewelry in neutral shades. If long necklaces are the rage, she makes and extra effort to have the best selection of short necklaces. She is mostly choosing to go with the counter trend, and it works exceedingly well for her.
Just why does this strategy work? When the eye sees too much of any a particular style of jewelry over a period, it can effectively become desensitized to that particular item. When stores overstock their shelves with repetitive jewelry designs that lack originality, the eye tends to seek out something different and unique.
That’s where the counter trend designer comes in. She has that unique item that the weary, desensitized eye finds exciting. Her items are a refreshing change from the ordinary and people will purchase her items because of their uniqueness.
So where does this mean for your jewelry business? Regardless of which way you choose to take your designs and how closely you want to follow the comprehensive look, you need to know what the trends are.To know how your jewelry fits into the marketplace.
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Would counter trend designing work for you? If you have established a customer base who seeks out original, artistic jewelry designs, you may do very well going against the prevailing jewelry trends with your designs. Your client may purchase from you because you buck the current jewelry styles and design from your inner voice. If your customer base is more mainstream and concerned about the current styles and trends, you’re probably better off using trend knowledge to subtly mold your jewelry designs to conform to the popular styles.
Experiment a bit by offering a few designs that go against the current jewelry trends and see what the response is. Just don’t go overboard! Make a few small changes while maintaining your current concept. If you get a good response, you can expand your new jewelry concept slowly. Sometimes small changes can be just the boost your jewelry business needs!

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