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by Soulra Corp Team
Find a trend you like

These days budgets are tight, and with fall fashion season just around the corner many of us are wondering how we are going to sport the hottest trends without breaking the bank. Well wonder no more, I have one word for you….. Thrift Store! Ok that’s two words, but you get it”)

Fortunately for us many of the hottest trends are old made new, and if you work it right, you can pair some of the staples in your closet with some thrift store finds to complete an entirely fashionable ensemble. How do you ask? Well, hold on to your handbags ladies I am about to show you.

First step: Find a trend you like & simulate not duplicate!

Check out some of the latest fashions online or in the window display & see placement & pieces, trends like belts & handbags, etc. You won’t be able to find the latest Old Navy Shirt at the Salvation Army, but you may be able to find something with the same lines & style.

Find a trend you like


Second Step: Don’t go hunting for one thing, in particular, the perfect things will come to you!

It will drive you crazy if you find a piece you like on a manikin and try to find just a chunky belt at a thrift store. If you narrow your search, you could go to a million stores & be out of luck. Thrift store shopping is all about seeing what’s out there and making it work for you.

perfect things will come to you


Third & Final Step: Thrift store it first!

Don’t pick a trend and buy a piece then try to get the accessories at trash or treasure. You will pigeon whole your thrift store experience. Check the trends go hunting & see what you can find. Then buy the pieces you couldn’t find or are not in your closet. It’s ok to pick one or two must-haves of the season if your budget allows!

Thrift store it first

So save your money  & your fashion this Fall ladies by shopping at your fav. Thrift store!

A few more nuggets for free: Try thrift store shopping in upscale neighborhoods or cities, where the donations may be of higher quality, to begin with. There are several in our area, but there is defiantly a difference in the part of town they are located.

Still, want the shopping afternoon with the girls? Get some girls together & drive up to a ritzy city searching for thrifty deals. Then load up your finds in left over brand name bags & head out to a nice lunch with all the money you saved! The ladies sitting next to you with the same bags will never know & you will be all the wiser & richer while partaking in a fun afternoon shopping spree.

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