Sennheiser cx 500

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Sennheiser cx 500 review

Sennheiser cx 500

The Sennheiser products are meant to satisfy your needs as far as music is concerned. This is why they have made sure that they have improved their headphones for you to get that which suits you most. These are sound isolation headphones that retail and a very affordable price. But still, they ensure that your comfortability is maintained. Most noise canceling earphones use silicon tips neither is this one left behind. The Sennheiser cx 500 specs ensure that sound quality is delivered to the fullest.

What makes this item ideal compared to others?

Product Review

When you are going to purchase headphone, do not look at the price, it is good to look at the features. This will significantly contribute to your buying a quality headphone. You might buy an expensive one, but it does not have the qualities you were looking for. Here are some of the features of this item that makes it outstanding despite the price.

  • You can use the item with any audio device like mp3, DVD, CD, and even the moveable gaming systems. You can also try the brand new Sennheiser cx 500 titanium which is also very good.
  • It comes with different ear buds that make it easy regardless of your ear shape to insert into the ear canal and listen effectively.
  • It has a high-frequency response that is responsible for the quality sound. It also has a sound pressure rating of 112 dB that contributes to the superb sound.
  • It has an integrated cable that has a pouch, word winder, and a wire clip. This makes connection easy and convenient. This is the reason why most people tend to be mixed up when it comes to Sennheiser cx 500 vs. 300. I can assure that cx 500 has more advantages compared to the cx 300.
  • It has a warranty of two years. It is also ideal to use as in mic volume adjuster that will make your work easier.

When you go out to buy this product then always ensure that you do not purchase a counterfeit product. It is therefore advisable to buy the real product at Sennheiser cx 500 Flipkart.

What are the limits and the limitations of this product?

Sennheiser cx 500 review

This product is and will remain an ideal headphone with the most affordable price for music lovers. The cord length is just superb. It is fit for any size of the person. This is the reason why it outdoes other headphones. The Sennheiser cx 500 vs. 400 may seem the same, but there are just a few features that make them different. The in-line volume control that enables you to turn on or off the volume is one significant difference. You can visit the Sennheiser cx 500 center and have a glance at the difference.

They also fit your ears nicely. There is no detachable cable. Though, it still works perfectly even without the detachable cable. So, do not hesitate to buy them.

These headphones are just the best; the fact that they can isolate sound and you just listen to the kind of music that you want is wow! The price is cool. The sound quality is great, and it is in fact one of the determinants when you are buying headphones. So why not ‘click here to buy it’ and tell the world how amazing this product is.

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