Waterproof Headphones

Listening to music during water workouts which were impossible at one time is now a possibility with the introduction of waterproof headphones. With waterproof headphones, you can hear the same music you listen to when on land, and enjoy your swimming workout.

The waterproof headphones have no retrofit or glued parts. These waterproof headphones are specially designed for use in water and are completely submersible. They come with or without removable earbud covers. These earbud covers are designed to give you a more comfortable fit and to prevent water entering your ears while swimming.

When using waterproof headphones, you have to be careful when handling the ear bud covers. These sheets are soft to ensure smooth and comfortable wear of these waterproof headphones. So don’t tear them when placing them on the earbuds.

Waterproof MP3 Players and Headphones

Though waterproof headphones fit most ears, sometimes the earphones may be a bit too small or too large for your ears. When buying waterproof headphones, it is important that they fit your ear well. This is because water that enters the earphone or ear canal tends to diminish the sound waves entering the ear as sound does not travel well through water. Earphones that are too large should not be forced into the ear as this may make the ear plug collapse which also restricts the flow of sound waves.

If you find that your waterproof headphones are too small for your ears, you could use Physician’s Choice ear putty around the sides of the earphone. This forms a watertight seal and prevents water from entering your ears. It is available through the internet or at swim shops. It is soft, pliable silicone that can be rolled into spaghetti strands that can be wrapped around your waterproof headphones. If you find that your waterproof headphones are too large for your ears, you could trim them a little at a time while experimenting with the sizes till you get a right fit.

Waterproof Earphones

You can buy your waterproof headphones from swim shops, audio accessory stores and through the internet. Make sure that you check that the headphones are really waterproof, fit into your ears and fit your budget. When buying from the internet, you just have to type the words “waterproof headphones” in search engines wherein you will be shown numerous websites offering waterproof headphones. It is then up to you to choose the headphones that look the best choice for you. Then you have to choose your payment option and within a few days of placing your order, you should expect to find your waterproof headphones in your mail. So just put on your swimsuit, waterproof headphones and have a gala time in your swimming pool.